The whys and the hows


I suppose that I’ve thought for some time that I might have something to share with the world.  Some of my observations seem to strike a chord with people.  I really like some of my recipes.  I have figured out a good way to do a lot of things.  But in terms of launching this blog, it was really the following interaction that lit the proverbial fire.  I had attempted to share an essay on Facebook…


FB Valentine Screenshot

Notice all of the words of encouragement!  “You’re moderately interesting”!  “Your cousin has a blog…at least I think that’s what it is.  Either a blog or something else.  But anyway, isn’t Kevin a nice young man?”

I thought about it for about a month two months and dinked around trying to master WordPress in its entirety before posting ANYTHING, because why do something if you can’t do it perfectly, right?  Then I asked Mary Bier  for help. She gave me some elementary tips and I was impressed with her abilities.  So then I dinked around for another month stockpiling potential blog posts, because that’s the way I roll.

And finally, today, I got brave and I’m putting it out there.  I’m starting a blog.  Perfection is the enemy of progress.  Away we go . . .